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The demand for business professionals continues to be high because the career opportunities for individuals with a solid business education are abundant. Companies in every industry need professionals who are trained to organize, plan, and manage an organization.

Business managers and owners require:

* Strong communication skills and regularly interact with clients, vendors, and staff.

* Strong time management skills to meet deadlines.

* Leadership and collaboration skills.

* Skills to market or sell products and services.

Business Program Options – What does COM Offer?

CLICK on the program award to view costs and required classes for each certificate and degree

Business Associates Degree for Transfer (60.0 units)

Time to Completion (minimum):4 semesters
Estimated Tuition & Fees*:$3096.00
Estimated Books & Supplies*:$2000.00
Required Courses (18.0 units)
Class CodeNameCompletedUnits
BUS 107Business Law3.0
BUS 112Financial Accounting4.0
BUS 113Managerial Accounting4.0
ECON 101Principles of Macroeconomics3.0
ECON 102Principles of Microeconomics3.0
List A - Select one course (3.0 units)
Class CodeNameCompletedUnits
MATH 114Finite Mathematics3.0
MATH 115Probability and Statistics4.0
STAT 115Introduction to Statistics4.0
MATH 121Calculus with Applications3.0
List B - Select two courses, including any List A course not used (6.0 units)
Class CodeNameCompletedUnits
BUS 101Intro to Business3.0
BUS 144Business Communications3.0
CIS 110Intro to Computer Information Systems3.0
General Education (0.0 units)
See a counselor to plan your IGETC/CSU breadth General Education courses

Business Certificate of Achievement (25.0 units)

Time to Completion (minimum):2 semesters
Estimated Tuition & Fees*:$1303.00
Estimated Books & Supplies*:$1500.00
Required Courses (16.0 units)
Class CodeNameCompletedUnits
BUS 101Introduction to Business3.0
BUS 112Financial Accounting4.0
BUS 124Marketing3.0
BUS 150Supervision and Management3.0
CIS 110Introduction to Computer Information Systems3.0
Electives - Select 9 or more units: (9.0 units)
BUS 107 Business Law (3 units); BUS 108 Intro to International Business (3 units); BUS 113 Managerial Accounting (5 units); BUS 115 Computer Accounting with Quickbooks (3 units); BUS 121 Entrepreneurship (3 units); BUS 129 The Art of Selling (3 units); BUS 132 Human Resource Management (3 units); BUS 134 Human Relations in Business (3 units); BUS 144 Business Communication (3 units); BUS 152 Project Management (3 units); BUS 155 Intro to Hospitality Management (3 units); BUS 156 Hospitality Law (3 units); BUS 160 E-Commerce and Online Business (3 units); BUS 161 Social Media for Business (3 units); BUS 162 Small Business Management (3 units); BUS 163 Personal Finance (3 units); CIS 118 Intro to MS Excel Spreadsheet Design AND CIS 128 Intermediate MS Excel Spreadsheet Design (3 units total) OR CIS 171 Intro to Spreadsheet Design using MS Excel (3 units); ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 units); ECON 102 Principles of Microeconomics (3 units); COMM 103 Public Speaking (3 units); STAT 115 Intro to Statistics OR MATH 115 Probability and Statistics (4 units).

Business Management & Supervision Skills Certificate (9.0 units)

Time to Completion (minimum):1 semesters
Estimated Tuition & Fees*:$480.00
Estimated Books & Supplies*:$470.00
Required Courses (9.0 units)
Class CodeNameCompletedUnits
BUS 101Introduction to Business3.0
BUS 144Business Communication3.0
BUS 150Supervision and Management3.0
* These expenses may not reflect your actual cost to attend College of Marin. Tuition cost is for in-state tuition, which is currently $46/unit plus additional fees. For out-of-state tuition, see For information about opportunities for financial aid, please contact Enrollment Services at (415) 457-8811 Ext. 8822 or
** These courses have prerequisites.

Career Outlook

What work can I get and how much can I earn?

There are many options in the field of business. Higher responsibility positions often require higher qualifications. In addition to the positions below, other Business Administration positions include Business Manager, Entrepreneur, Financial Services Representative, Human Resource Assistant, Management Assistant or Trainee, Marketing Assistant and Salesperson/Sales Professional.

JOB TITLE: Marketing Analyst or Specialist

  • Annual Earnings: $47,860 to $154,230
  • What They Do: Research market conditions in local, regional, or national areas, or gather information to determine potential sales of a product or service, or create a marketing campaign. May gather information on competitors, prices, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution.

JOB TITLE: Financial Analyst

  • Annual Earnings: $64,660 to $237,770
  • What They Do: Conduct quantitative analyses of information affecting investment programs of public or private institutions.

JOB TITLE: Sales Manager

  • Annual Earnings: $48,400 to $263,950
  • What They Do: Plan, direct, or coordinate the actual distribution or movement of a product or service to the customer. Coordinate sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals and establish training programs for sales representatives.
Salary ranges reflect 10% to 90% of annual earnings per data sourced from Economic Modeling Specialists International (; data includes the North Bay Region (Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma) and San Francisco County.

Key Contacts

Who do I contact if I have questions?

PLAN: Call the Counseling Office at (415) 485-9432

OTHER QUESTIONS: Call COM's Career Programs Dept at (415) 457-8811 x8200


PROGRAM QUESTIONS: Call the Business Department:

  • Christine Li – Accounting; (415) 457-8811 x7579
  • Tim Wat (415) 883-2211,
  • Nancy Willet (415) 457-8811 x7497

Why Choose College of Marin for Business?

  • Affordable: College of Marin classes are open to all and cost only $46 per unit for California residents.
    • Starting here is a terrific and inexpensive way to start your career in business.
    • Financial aid and student support services are available to those who qualify.
  • Amazing faculty with strong real-world experience. Our faculty are leaders in the field and bring their expertise to the classroom. You’re taught the skills needed in today’s job market.
  • Small Class Size: Most business classes have 20-30 students. This low student-to-teacher ratio allows instructors to work individually with students as needed while covering material in-depth.
  • Convenient: COM has two campuses (Kentfield and Novato) and class meeting times and locations are convenient to the working student’s schedule. Evening, weekend, and online classes available for a wide range of scheduling needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What else should I know?

Are there any pre-requisites?
Some classes have requirements and prerequisites; for more detailed information talk to a counselor by calling (415) 485-9432.
Can I take classes in the evening or online?
Yes, classes are available in the evenings, with many classes available online, great for working students.
How do I get started?
To get started, you need to enroll at College of Marin and should meet with a career counselor (who can help you with planning your education, direct you to financial alternatives, and more!)