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* The priority application session has ended. Students can now apply to be placed on our waitlists for the academies.

    • Please note, the class scheduled time for the Game Development QuickStart Academy has changed. This class will meet 10 – 3:30 p.m. each day.

    • The Health Occupations Academy will be held both weeks at the Kentfield campus location. Details will be shared to students once they have been accepted to the academy.

* Classes take place in June through August for 1 – 2 weeks on campus as indicated (IVC – Indian Valley Campus or KTD – Kentfield Campus).


* Tuition is FREE (fees are estimated at $30)


* Earn 1 – 2 units of college credit for most courses



For all related questions write to or call (415) 491-6692


Vaccination Requirements: College of Marin students must be fully vaccinated unless there is an approved medical or religious exemption on file. This includes the 2022 Summer Career Academy students. For exemption requests, email:



Do you know High School students can enroll for COM full semester courses? See below! To JUMPSTART click here and learn more on how to enroll.


2022 Career Academies


June 13 – 16

Career Exploration 
Delve into understanding your unique skills and how to use them to pursue your career interests. 1 college unit. M–Th, 9 am–2 pm; IVC  Click here to join the Career Exploration Academy waitlist.

Cybersecurity – Introductory 
Explore cybersecurity and learn how to secure networks from hackers! Not for credit. M–Th, 9 am–3 pm; IVC  Click here to apply to the Cybersecurity – Intro Academy.


June 13 – 17 and June 21 – 24 ( 9 days)

Health Occupations
An introduction to health occupations for students serious about entering the health career industry. Recommended for Junior and Senior High School students. 2 college units. 9 am–2 pm; KTD  Click here to join the Health Occupations Academy waitlist.


June 21 – 24

Health Careers Exploration
Learn about the various careers in health care, and chart your future in this high demand Bay Area industry. 1 college unit. Tu–F, 9 am–2 pm; IVC  Click here to apply to the Health Careers Exploration Academy.

Educational & Social Justice Careers
Explore an array of meaningful jobs that enhance the community and world: education, social change and equality for vulnerable and marginalized populations. 1 college unit. Tu-F, 9 am–2 pm; IVC  Click here to apply to the Educational & Social Justice Careers Academy.


June 27 – 30

Building Academy: Architecture, Engineering and Construction 
Get up-close and personal with careers in planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and construction/project management. 1 college unit. M–Th, 9 am–2 pm; IVC  Click here to join the Building Academy waitlist.

Cybersecurity – Intermediate 
Explore cybersecurity and learn how to secure networks from hackers! Not for credit.   M–Th, 9 am–3 pm; IVC  Click here to apply to the Cybersecurity – Intermediate Academy.




July 11—July 15

Entrepreneur Academy
Curious about starting and running your own business? Learn how to turn your business idea into reality. 1.5 college units. M-F, 9am–2pm; IVC  Click here to join the Entrepreneur Academy waitlist.


July 25—July 28, August 1—August 4 (8 days)

Game Development QuickStart
Learn hands-on what it takes to enter the field of game development. 2 college units. M-Th, 10am – 3:30 pm; IVC  Click here to join the Game Development QuickStart Academy waitlist.


To be placed on the College of Marin Career Education mailing list for new announcements, contact Heather Rahman at




College of Marin offers full semester courses for high school students!

Credit classes are available to high school students in Marin County each semester: Spring, Summer, and Fall. High school students can enroll and earn college credit. Two great things to know:

1. COM covers the enrollment fees, normally $46/unit for current high school students (e.g. does not apply to high school students once they have graduated). High school students can enroll in up to 11 units—a savings of $506 per semester!

2. Students are responsible only for fees, including: mandatory health fee ($20); mandatory transportation fee ($3/unit); cost of books or materials may apply, depending on the classes taken; optional student fees normally charged may be waived with waiver request form.