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College of Marin Internship Program

Internship Requirements Checklist

Prior to starting a College of Marin internship, you should have:

  1. Declared a major;
  2. Met with a counselor and have a student education plan;
  3. Completed at least one semester in college;
  4. Taken at least 1 or 2 classes related to your major;
  5. Determined that you have 10-15 hours/week during the semester to devote to yourself to an internship position;
  6. Determined whether you would like to receive academic credit for your internship;
  7. Identified 2 or 3 professors or supervisors who can speak on your behalf and are familiar with your academic work and career interests (you’ll need to provide names and contact details).

Are you an employer looking to post an internship opportunity? See the College of Marin main website

Benefits of an Internship

  • Gain real industry exposure before you graduate: You’ll gain a better understanding of your major field/industry, including trends and new developments. You also give your career plan a ‘test drive’ to determine what will work best for you.
  • Get your ‘foot in the door’: Employers increasingly see their internship programs as the best path for hiring entry-level candidates.
  • Have a meaningful work experience: Your internship provides valuable material for your college essays, résumé, and cover letters. When it comes to employment, an internship provides you with an edge over other candidates without experience.
  • Sharpen your professional and interpersonal skills: An internship will give you confidence and help you build a network of professional contacts.
  • Potential to earn college credit: You have the option to earn college credit toward your certificate or degree, helpful if you need the credits.


An internship is an on-site, supervised work experience that is related to your major field of study or your career interest.

It allows you to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, provides the opportunity for skill development, and gives you a competitive edge in the job search – or a boost for your college essays for transfer students.

Internships can be paid or unpaid, and held during the summer or throughout the academic year.


Contact the Internship Program

(415) 485-9670

Kentfield Campus
Student Services Center
Second Floor, Room 263

Indian Valley Campus
Career and Technical Education Office
Building 9
By appointment

Our goal is to connect you with opportunities to test drive your future career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are internships paid?

Some internships are paid, others are unpaid. College of Marin views internships as a critical learning experience, so more important than the pay is the investment of the employer to provide a meaningful learning experience in the designated career field. Please note that students are required to enroll in COUNS 135 for unpaid internships (optional though recommended for paid internships).

Can I receive college credit for my internship?

Yes, students can enroll in Counseling 135, a .5 unit course designed to complement the internship experience (you must enroll in COUNS 135 if it is an unpaid internship). Credit options are based on the number of hours internship hours completed during the semester.

COUNS 135 is transferable to the CSU System.

Does College of Marin provide the internship?

You can view internship opportunities on College of Marin’s online job board, College Central. Alternatively, students can schedule a meeting with COM’s Internship Coordinator by calling (415) 485-9670 for assistance with identifying internship opportunities.

Can I find my own internship?

Yes, students can find and propose their own internships. Students seeking academic credit for an internship they secured on their own, are encouraged to make an appointment with the Internship Coordinator by calling (415) 485-9670, and to enroll in Counseling 135.

Are internships available in all fields?

Yes, they can be in any field of study, but some academic areas already require work experience as part of the certification or degree (e.g. nursing). Examples of typical internships are those in fields such as real estate, social media, web design, and architecture.

How long does an internship last and how many hours a week?

The typical internship lasts one semester and requires a commitment of between 8 to 15 hours per week.