Jumpstart Dual Enrollment

College of Marin offers full-semester courses for high school students! High school students can enroll and earn 1 to 2 college credits for most courses. Click here to learn more about COM high school program Jumpstart.

  • COM covers the enrollment fees, usually $46/unit for current high school students (e.g., does not apply to high school students once they have graduated). High school students can enroll in up to 11 units—a savings of $506 per semester.
  • Students are responsible only for fees, including mandatory health fee ($20); mandatory transportation fee ($3/unit); cost of books or materials may apply, depending on the classes taken; optional student fees usually charged may be waived with a waiver request form.

Recommended Classes for High School Students

Please see the College of Marin Class Schedule for all upcoming courses. We recommend meeting with a counselor to discuss which courses are appropriate for your educational goal. Classes are subject to change. The list below is recommended classes offered frequently and no prerequisite needed.

AJ110: Introduction to Administration of Justice (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) The history and philosophy of justice as it evolved throughout the world. (CSU/UC) C-ID: AJ 110

AJ111: Criminal Law (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) Historical development, philosophy of law and constitutional provisions; definitions, classifications of crimes. (CSU/UC) C-ID: AJ 120

AJ118: Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) An introduction to the criminal justice agent and the community relationship. (CSU/UC) C-ID: AJ 160

ACRT101A: Basic Sheet Metal Operations for Automotive Collision Repair Fundamentals (2.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) This course introduces basic metalworking techniques and their usefulness in other applications. (CSU)

ACRT102A: Introduction to Automotive Collision Repair Fundamentals (2.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) This course introduces basic auto body repair techniques and their usefulness in other applications. (CSU)

AUTO110A: Introduction to the Automotive Program (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) An introductory course studying basic lab procedures, safety, service information, oil change service, under-hood inspection, under-vehicle service, belts, hoses, tubing services, tire and wheel service, and cooling system service. (CSU)

AUTO111A: Automotive Maintenance Fundamentals (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) This course provides basic training in engine testing and repair, engine performance, fuel and emission service, general electrical system repair, battery service, brake service and suspension, and steering and alignment service. (CSU)

BUS101: Introduction to Business (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) This survey course explores the history, environment and functional areas of business. (CSU/UC) AA/AS Area B, CSU Area D-7, C-ID: BUS 110

BUS112: Financial Accounting (4.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) An introduction to accounting practice, principles and analysis. This course is basic for students in accounting, business administration, economics, law and other professions. (CSU/UC) C-ID: ACCT 110

BUS127: Business Plan for the Entrepreneur (1.5 Units)
(No prerequisite.) Development and presentation of a realistic and ready-to-implement business plan. (CSU)

CIS100: Computer Keyboarding (1.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) This course is recommended for any student needing to acquire alphabetic and numeric keyboarding skills for computer and coursework. (CSU)

CIS101: Introduction to Personal Computers and Operating Systems (1.5 Units)
(No prerequisite.) Introduction to the hardware, operating systems, and application software environment of the personal computer for students with little or no previous experience with PC microcomputers. (CSU)

ELEC120A: Electrical and Alternative Energies Fundamentals (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) Introduction to the principles, terminology, and measurements of electrical circuits, including the fundamentals of AC/DC circuits and their common uses. (CSU)

GDES112: Graphic Design I (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite. Can be taken as GDES 112 or MMST 112; credit awarded for only one course.) Graphic design skills are developed through exercises and projects using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create original digital designs. (CSU)

HOSP100: Introduction to Hospitality Management (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) This course covers the history, scope, and functions of the hospitality, food service, and tourism industries. (CSU)

MEDA160: Introduction to Medical Assisting Careers (2.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) This course, designed for students interested in pursuing a career in medical assisting, provides an overview of the current health care delivery system; the physical, mental and emotional demands of the workplace and the skills required of medical assistants. (CSU)

MMST100: Game Development Quickstart (2.0 Units)
This course is for local high school and advanced middle school students with interest in pursuing video game development. (CSU)

MMST101: Orientation to Multimedia (0.5 Units)
(No prerequisite.) Armed with the knowledge and skills learned in the course, students will be able to safely and effectively find and consume the tremendous amount of digital media now available in many formats and delivery platforms. (CSU)

MMST181: XR I: VR 360° Video (3.0 Units)
(No prerequisite.) Through lectures and hands-on computer lab sessions, students in this course develop projects using immersive video VR technologies. (CSU)